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Kobukuro Community
[news]: Kobukuro Announces Hiatus Due to Health  
31st-Aug-2011 03:47 pm

During their Hokkaido concert on Sunday, Kobukuro announced that it is going on a hiatus due to the health of not one but both of its  members.

Vocalist and guitarist Kobuchi Kentaro has been suffering from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder, in his neck since the end of last year. The condition makes it hard for him to hit high notes. Meanwhile, main vocalist Kuroda Shunsuke has been suffering from chronic back pain and throat problems.

The two were told that it d be best to take time off to recover, and have  therefore decided to suspend music activities for now. They plan to return in about half a year if things go well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Source: JPopAsia
I hope they recover! D: I don't think I can last a half of a year without another album. ;_;
Dorks :D
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