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[news]: Kobukuro Invite Fans To Send In Photos Of Sunlight 
19th-Apr-2011 08:10 pm

To celebrate the release of their upcoming single "Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsudzukeru You ni" (So That The Sun Keeps Shining On The World), Kobukuro are setting up a special website which will go live from the 22nd of this month titled "Sun Photo Project".

The project, which encourages posters to express "the brilliance of life" through their photo submissions of the sun shining in various places, hopes to display an array of inspiring images on the homepage, providing a tie-in with the song's title. The best photos submitted will even be in with a chance of winning a prize!

Having also just finished recording the music video for "Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsudzukeru You ni", the duo commented "The sun shines in so many different places. We'd like to see it shining in places we've never come across before. For example, the sun reflecting off water on the earth's surface makes for a beautiful photo. It overflows with energy".

The song will be the theme to "Gaku", a soon to be released film starring Oguri Shun as part of a mountain rescue team. The B side is titled "Silhouette". "Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsudzukeru You ni" will be released on the 27th of April.

Source: Jpopasia.com

I don't know how to submit the photo... does anyone care to find out and comment back on this post??? Its very exciting and I do hope their new single and PV will be promising. ^^ I also found news about a new born son of Kuroda-san??? Maybe I'm wrong. But if so, Congratulations t him!! ^0^

Here's where I found that info: News_Kobukuro
Dorks :D
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